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How to get Python and PRAW running on Windows

After countless requests from customers, I thought I would just write this all out to save me some time.

(NOTICE: In this tutorial, all highlighted terms must be replaced with your individual file locations.)

(NOTICE: In this tutorial, we will be installing Python V2.7.8)

Step 1 - Downloading and installing Python

Navigate to

Download the package that says - "Python 2.7.8 Windows Installer", and run the installer.

If everything installed correctly, congrats! Python is now installed on your computer!

Step 2 - Installing Pip

Navigate to and download the file.

Open up the command prompt and type in "cd C:\Python27" (This is the default installation path, if you chose to install somewhere else, cd into there.)

Now type into the command prompt "python C:\location\of\"

Let the script run, and if everything works, you will now be one step closer to installing PRAW!

Step 3 - Installing PRAW

Open up the command prompt again, and type in "cd C:\python27\Scripts"

Now type in "pip install praw"

Once again, if everything works out, you will now have everything you need to run a python script with the PRAW module!

Step 4 - Running your script

Open up the command prompt once more, and type in "cd C:\python27"

Now all you would need to do is type in "python C:\location\of\"

And BAM! You should now be running your python script!

(Note: Step 3 can be used to install any kind of module you may need in the future.)